Advancing Access to Better Patient Care


Optimal Analysis, Tools & Support

  • Systematic and targeted literature review
  • Gap analysis and evidence generation planning
  • Statistical analysis, analysis planning and protocol development
  • Real-world studies

Economic Modelling

  • Early stage economic modelling
  • Burden-of illness modelling, economic landscape analysis
  • Core global HTA modelling
  • Interactive/presentational models and value demonstration tools
  • Pricing and revenue modelling, financial exposure modelling
  • Local model adaptions, tools and support
  • External model verification and validation

Validation, Communication & Strategy

  • HTA strategy and submission support
  • GVD development and optimisation
  • Presentations, workshops, manuscripts
  • Technical documentation, user guides, training workshops
  • Advisory board planning, development and moderation
  • Health economic strategy and planning
  • Economic value messaging, interactive value propositions